Quality Management / Compliance

Achieve unparalleled excellence in every construction phase with our rigorous quality management and compliance services.

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Project Planning &Execution

Transform your construction vision into reality with our expert planning, management, and execution strategies.

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Inspection, Testing & Monitoring

Ensure the pinnacle of construction quality and safety with our meticulous inspections, advanced testing, and real-time monitoring

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Streamline your construction documentation with our cuttingedge electronic management systems and expert software support.

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SharePoint/Power BI

Elevate your document collaboration and management with our cloud-based SharePoint solutions and custom workflow designs.

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Build a world where everyone belongs with our comprehensive accessibility services, ensuring inclusivity and compliance.

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3d Printing

Bring your architectural visions to life with our innovative 3D printing solutions, from detailed models to bespoke construction components.

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Drone Services

Experience the future of construction oversight with our drone inspections, offering unparalleled site views, safety checks, and environmental assessments

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About Us

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About Us

A1 Management & Inspection, Inc. embodies the essence of excellence, drawing its name from the term "A1," a symbol of the highest standard of quality. In the world of construction, where precision, quality, and trust are paramount, the name "A1" resonates with our commitment to being the best of the best. Our approach to construction quality management is guided by the principle that quality should not be complex or cumbersome. With our innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail, we make quality easy and accessible. Our slogan,"Quality Made Easy," reflects our mission to deliver top-tier services with simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that every project we undertake meets the A1 standard of excellence. Whether it's our diverse team, inclusive culture, or community engagement, A1 Management & Inspection, Inc. stands as a testament to quality, innovation, and integrity.




Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Our status as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise reflects A1MI's dedication to fostering equality and opportunity within the construction industry. This certification acknowledges our efforts to overcome social and economic disadvantages, and our commitment to providing quality services regardless of the challenges faced. It symbolizes our resilience, determination, and our belief in the potential of every individual and business.


Woman Business Enterprise

A1MI is proud to be recognized as a Woman Business Enterprise, a certification that underscores our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This certification highlights our leadership in promoting gender equality within the industry and our efforts to create opportunities for women in construction and management. As a WBE, we stand as a testament to the power of diverse perspectives and the importance of women's contributions to the business world.


Small Business Enterprise

As a certified Small Business Enterprise, A1MI exemplifies the agility, innovation, and personalized service that small businesses are known for. This certification recognizes our ability to provide tailored solutions, adapt to the unique needs of our clients, and contribute to the economic diversity of the industry. Our SBE status is a reflection of our entrepreneurial spirit and our dedication to maintaining the close-knit relationships and quality focus that set small businesses apart.


Local Small Business Enterprise (Los Angeles)

A1MI's certification as a Local Small Business Enterprise in Los Angeles emphasizes our deep connection to the local community and our commitment to supporting the economic growth of the region. As an LSBE, we prioritize local collaboration, community engagement, and sustainable practices that benefit the Los Angeles area. This certification is a symbol of our dedication to being not just a business in Los Angeles but a valuable partner and contributor to the community.


Community Business Enterprise with Los Angeles

As a Community Business Enterprise with the City of Los Angeles, A1MI has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, compliance, and community engagement. This certification recognizes our alignment with the city's economic goals and our contribution to local development. It reflects our dedication to upholding the highest standards of business practice and our active role in supporting the Los Angeles community.


Micro Small Business Enterprise

A1MI takes pride in being recognized as a Micro Small Business Enterprise, a certification that underscores our strengths as a nimble and specialized player in the industry. This status highlights our commitment to delivering personalized, agile services and our ability to swiftly adapt to client needs and market changes. As a Micro SBE, we embody the dynamism and focused dedication that are hallmarks of successful small-scale businesses, demonstrating our significant contribution to the local economy and community.

Testimonial Image

As a Project Quality Manager for Metro on a number of light rail and highway projects I can attest that Mr. Pooya Kadkhoda is an exceptional Quality Manager. He served as Metro Design-Builder's Quality Manager on two critical Metro projects; the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening project and the Crenshaw Light Rail project. His expertise was critical to the successful outcomes on both projects. He and I worked closely in an Owner/Contractor relationship for almost ten years on the two projects and he and his firm will be an asset to any major civil engineering project.

Dan Estrada LAMCTA Sr. Project Quality Manager (Retired)

A1MI has demonstrated and proven the true benefits of an effective Quality Program while quickly attaining the Owner's confidence in their capabilities, Since joining the project, A1MI has significantly developed and improved our Quality.

Micaiah Revero SoCal Area Manager - Myers & Sons Construction
Case Studies


November 29, 2023

Challenge or Problem: On a recent Lightrail project, the contractor faced severe quality issues with the plinth surface, with…

November 30, 2023

Challenge or Problem: LULEP faced several challenges in managing project documents, including inconsistent tracking across task order teams, ineffective…

November 30, 2023

Challenge or Problem: The LULEP project faced multiple Notices of Non-Compliance (NNC), particularly in the area of Traffic Control…

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